Dual Enrollment Fall 2019

Fall 2019 - classes start on 8/29/19; the last day of classes is 12/13/19; final examinations are the week of 12/16/19 through 12/20/19; the last day of the semester is 12/20/19.

Spring 2020 - classes start on 1/21/20; the last day of classes is 5/5/20; final examinations are the week of 5/7/20 through 5/13/20; the last day of the semester is 5/13/20.

Course Registration:

Complete a Visiting Registration Form online, print and sign. Registration depends on course availability and will take place after incoming freshmen register at Summer Orientation.  NOTE: Be sure to list an alternate course in case we are unable to register you for your first choice.  Have your school counselor sign/approve the form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office for registration.


Shortly before the beginning of the semester a letter will be sent to you inviting you to an orientation session. Specific days and time will be included. 

Drop/Add Period:

*The last day to drop or add a course for Fall 2019 is Friday, September 6, 2019. 

*The last day to drop or add a course for Spring 2020 is Tuesday, January 28, 2020.

When you drop a course it will not appear on your Juniata transcript, as if you were never registered for it.  If you wish to drop the course in which you are registered, and add another course instead if desired, contact your high school guidance counselor.  Do not simply stop attending classes!  If you do not officially drop the course, you will receive a final grade of F for the course.

Course Withdrawal: 

*You may withdraw from your Fall 2019 course beginning on Monday, September 9, 2019 up until the date specified by your instructor on the course syllabus. 

*You may withdraw from your Spring 2020 course beginning on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 up until the date specified by your instructor on the course syllabus.

Speak with your high school guidance counselor before withdrawing from a course.  Course withdrawals are not calculated in the cumulative GPA.  Withdrawals will be considered complete when they are filed with the Office of the Registrar, with all required approvals, by the stated deadline.  Students who do not complete the withdrawal process will receive the grade currently earned at the time the course instructor submits final grades. 

Campus Resources:
  • Juniata email is the college’s primary means of communication, so please check your Juniata email daily.
  • A declining balance account for use in Juniata’s food and drink areas is available to you.  Contact Food Services in Ellis Hall to set up an account.
  • Textbooks and other required courses materials may be purchased through Juniata’s online bookstore at Juniata.Textbookx.com.
  • Juniata College apparel, office supplies and much more may be purchased at Headwaters at Juniata College, located in the basement of Ellis Hall.  Call 814-641-3381 for information.
  • Juniata College’s academic calendar does not follow your high school’s calendar.  For instance, Monday 9/2/2019 is Labor Day, and classes ARE held on that day.  Mountain Day is held sometime in the Fall semester, but we never know when!  So check the website and your Juniata email every day before making the trip to campus.  You may also sign up for text alerts.
  • Inclement weather: check the Juniata College website.  You may also sign up for text alerts by contacting Campus Security Office Manager, Carla Panosetti at 814-641-3163 or by submitting a Student WENS Registration.
  • All campus resources that are available to full time students are also available to you.  For instance, free tutoring is available if you find yourself struggling in your course.  Enhance your writing skills by visiting the Writing Center.  Take advantage of all the resources that are available to you here at Juniata!
  • Your final grades are available to you on WebAdvisor.  Final grades will also be sent to your high school guidance counselor and mailed to you after final grades are posted.
How to Request a Transcript:

To request a copy of your transcript, please complete a Transcript Request Form. The turn-around time is usually 3 to 4 day business days. Transcripts can be requested by mail, email or by fax . Please indicate a due date if there is a deadline. The first 25 transcript requests are free; after 25, the transcript is $5.00 per copy. To send overnight, we charge the standard UPS rate.

Contact Us:

Ashley Koehler, Records and Registration Assistant, is your point of contact. If you have a problem, question, unsure how to withdraw from a course, or need an advisor's signature please stop to see her in the Registrar’s Office in Founder's Hall. You may also contact her via email at koehlea@juniata.edu or call 814-641-3172.