The Juniata Shuttle is a limited service provided for students at important break and holiday travel times. While not a taxi service, the Juniata Shuttle is a coordinated shuttle service that requires students to sign up reasonably in advance in order for the coordination of limited resources. Also, because of privacy and confidentiality concerns, students must sign up for the shuttle service themselves. Parents and family members are encouraged to make their student aware of this service. Students, however, will need to actually log on to our web form to make reservations. If you have any questions/concerns, please contact the Dean of Students Office at 814-641-3150.

Transportation Options For Students Traveling To And From Campus



To supplement the above transportation, Juniata offers a limited shuttle service as follows:

Visiting Prospective Students

Please contact your personal enrollment counselor with help scheduling your visit and arranging shuttle transportation.

Enrolled Students

Juniata offers shuttle service for the start and end of each semester and for break travel at a nominal fee. Shuttle service is currently available for the events below and must be reserved on-line one week in advance. 

August orientation students:  August 22
First Year students : August 24 
Returning students:  August 28

Fall recess: October 16, 17, & 20
Thanksgiving recess: November 26, 27, & December 1
Semester break: December 15-21

Spring Semester Opening: January 20
Spring  Break: March 6, 7, & 15 (limited availability on the 7th)
End of the Year: May 7-13 

Post Commencement: May 16-17