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    graduated in four or fewer years.

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    of all Juniata students are employed or in graduate school six months after graduation.

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    of Juniata pre-medical and health profession students gain admission to medical or professional school.

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    participated in distinctive hands-on learning.

Alumni Profiles

    • 2016 Fulbright Fellow
    • 2016 Fulbright Fellow
    • Neal Donovan Photo
    • Neal Donovan Photo
    • Neal Donovan '16
    • Reading, Pa.
    • Language and Linguistics Studies
    • It was encouraging to me to receive such support from the many faculty who helped me prepare. They are genuinely interested in helping students. They seem to be able to see someone's passion and pull it out of them.
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    • 2016 Fulbright Fellow
    • 2016 Fulbright Fellow
    • Alexandra Bernosky Photo
    • Alexandra Bernosky Photo
    • Alexandra Bernosky '16
    • Mayfield, Pa.
    • Russian with Secondary Emphases in Communication and Spanish
    • One of the reasons I applied for the Fulbright is simply to be able to spend another year in Russia. Actually being present in the country is the best way to understand the language and the culture.
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    • 2016 Fulbright Fellow
    • 2016 Fulbright Fellow
    • Erin Netoskie Photo
    • Erin Netoskie Photo
    • Erin Netoskie '16
    • Pittsburgh, Pa.
    • German and Wildlife Conservation
    • The Fulbright application asks you to research and find your own collaborative project, so the process of receiving the Fulbright was both overwhelming and a blessing. It was a great experience that has helped me with grant-writing skills and interviewing. The faculty support I received from Jim Tuten and others on the Fulbright committee is one for which I am truly grateful.
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We support each others' journeys.

We meet as friends—and partners—whether we are students, members of the faculty and staff, or alumni.

We take Juniata with us no matter where we go.

These are some of the places where Juniata graduates pursue rewarding careers and lives of meaning and happiness.

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