Steps For Returning to Work on Campus

  1. AUTHORIZATIONS: If you are NOT paid by a stipend and didn't complete the online authorization prior to leaving campus for summer break, the online authorization should be completed by the student and authorized by the supervisor no later then 2 pm the day prior to beginning work. This is needed so that access to Kronos can be set up. This access is required before you are eligible to return to work.

    After supervisor approval has been received, online authorizations are processed daily around 2 pm and imported to Kronos at 4 pm.  Access to Kronos is granted as of hire date.  Once you have access to Kronos you may begin recording your hours worked.
  2. KRONOS If you are not currently entering transfers when you Timestamp, you must begin entering them now.  If you need instructions on how to enter a transfer to timestamp properly, please request Transfer Instructions from the
  3. If your direct deposit account has changed over the summer please submit a new form to payroll immediately.  Direct Deposit Forms are available on the payroll webpage.   
  4. Students will be paid biweekly and have a longer approval window.  If your timecard is accurate and ready, please have your approvals completed by the Tuesday following your pay period.  Students will not be paid without their approval.  If you have any problems with your timecard notify your supervisor (no later than Tuesday), so they have time to adjust your timecard before their approval deadlines.  Students and supervisors must have approvals completed and timecards in order by Friday.  Pay statements will again be available on WebAdvisor after each payroll.  To view your pay statements, you need to log into WebAdvisor as an employee not a student.
  5. Hours Worked Policy Change - While classes are in session students are now permitted to work up to 35 hours each two week/biweekly pay period.  There is no longer a weekly limit on the number of hours, as long as students do not exceed 35 hours in the pay period.

If you have any questions you may contact the Payroll Office or call Melinda Bowser x3303.