Campaign 2019

This campaign is an opportunity for the Class of 2019 to unite in support of Juniata College. We have all come to know Juniata as our home away from home. This is our chance to leave our mark on Juniata just as it has left a mark on so many of us. Click here to support the gift financially. We accept Matriculation fees and credit cards.

Senior Class Gift:

Renovation of the Ellis Ballroom

The renovation of the ballroom will allow space for Juniatians, friends and family to gather for many different events on campus. At some point in our college careers, we have all stepped into the ballroom. We want to make this space even greater! It serves as a place for community and engagement and with your help, this gift will enhance the experience for our future Juniatians to enjoy all of the great opportunities that our college presents to us!


  • Total Amount: $55,000
  • Participation: 90%

Current Totals:

Our Goal $55,000 $22,746
  • Total Amount: $22,746
  • Participation: 35% (118 donors of 335)