Juniata College Physics Professor White

Dr. James D. White

Professor of Physics, Department Chair

Phone: (814) 641-3545
Email: white@juniata.edu
Office: Brumbaugh Academic Center P230
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Matthew Beaky at Juniata College

Dr. Matthew Beaky

Associate Professor of Physics & Director of Undergraduate Research

Phone: (814) 641-3550
Email: beaky@juniata.edu 
Office: Brumbaugh Academic Center P221
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Juniata College Physics Professor Borgardt

Dr. James D. Borgardt

William W. Woolford Professor of Physics
Chair, Physics Department

Phone: (814) 641-6600
Email: borgardt@juniata.edu
Office: Brumbaugh Academic Center P228
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Yu Gu at Juniata College

Dr. Yu Gu

Assistant Professor of Physics

Phone: (814) 641-3582
Email: gu@juniata.edu
Office: Brumbaugh Academic Center P213
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Assitant Professor of Physics-Stephanie Lauback

Dr. Stephanie Lauback

Assistant Professor of Physics

Phone: (814) 641-3583
Email: lauback@juniata.edu
Office: Brumbaugh Academic Center P232
Juniata College Physics Professor Pearson

Dr. Mark D. Pearson

Instructor of Physics and Laboratory Coordinator

Phone: (814) 641-3722
Email: pearson@juniata.edu
Office: Brumbaugh Academic Center P207
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Instructor of Physics-Alison Earnhart

Ms. Alison Earnhart

Instructor of Physics

Phone: (814) 641-3580
Email: earnhart@juniata.edu
Office: Brumbaugh Academic Center P224

Emeritus Faculty

Juniata College Physics Professor Siems

Dr. Norm E. Siems

Emeritus Professor of Physics

Email: siems@juniata.edu