Integrated Media Arts (IMA) is an interdisciplinary program that enables students to graduate as multimedia specialists by effectively tying together multiple departments across campus. Juniata’s liberal arts environment is ideal for studying across academic disciplines. The IMA program encourages students to think about who they are and find their own digital identity.


Students interested in studying Integrated Media Arts take core courses within the designated program of emphasis (POE). This designated POE is most similar to a prescribed major. There is flexibility to choose electives, research, experiential learning, and capstone experiences. If you are seeking more flexibility you may choose to individualize and choose from a pathway or create your own to meet your unique needs.



“There are so many different paths like technology, creation, and critical media. Each gives us the freedom to work more in our areas of passion.”

—Lindsay Scholten  ’19

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IMA Stories

A Distinct Experience

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Juniata’s Integrated Media Arts (IMA) graduates are employed in industry at places like NYU, Roadrunner Records, AMC, 20th Century Fox, and independent production companies. Some operate their own businesses in fields such as art, photography, and videography. They also attend graduate schools in the digital arts and storytelling.

Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Mike Trim '84 and Retired Executive Director of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Bruce Davis '65 visit, lecture, and mentor on campus. They are just a few Juniata alumni from whom our students have received not only advice, but valuable internships.

    • Maddie Berrier ‘17
    • found employment as a video editor at FoxPro, Inc., in Lewistown, Pa. During her undergraduate career, Maddie interned at this same company.
    • Sonika Chandra ‘15
    • found employment as an e-marketer for Active Motif in San Diego, Calif. While an undergraduate, Sonika worked for Juniata’s marketing department and interned for Citizens of the Arts in Harrisburg, Pa.
    • Morgan Horell ‘17
    • found employment as a social media and public relations intern at Longwood Gardens, a part of Greater Philadelphia Gardens. Morgan held a position as a video production intern with Upbeat Productions while studying abroad as an undergraduate in London, England.
    • Matt Kinnebrew ‘16
    • found employment as a post-production assistant at Sneaky Big Studios in Scottsdale, Ariz.


In the IMA program, 100 percent of faculty have earned Ph.D.s, M.B.A.s, or M.F.A.s, and they serve, first and foremost, as professors. The integrated media arts faculty are an interdisciplinary group, made of professors from the art, accounting, business, economics, information technology, communication, theatre, and English departments.

“I enjoy being part of the IMA program because it is my creative home. The IMA faculty at Juniata give me the freedom to use my imagination to drive my academic career.”

Jack Gage ’19

Student Opportunities

Gaining Experience: Juniata’s IMA program conforms to your interests. Some students have created film projects in the Digital Media Studio, or filmed television commercials for production companies. Others have had internships at EMI Music, The Rachel Ray Show, The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert, and with Emmy-winning documentary maker Ken Burns.

Technology: Gain access to editing facilities, audio equipment, cameras, and a willing crew of your peers. Our students become proficient in Adobe Creative Suite software and social media platforms.

Flexibility: Combine the study of integrated media arts with any POE.

Study Abroad: Popular study abroad sites for integrated media arts include York St. John, England; Cork, Ireland; and Newcastle, Australia. Study filmmaking, animation, and other digital media topics. These sites include internship opportunities.