Hear From the Faculty

Why Study English at Juniata?
Juniata College DMS

At Juniata, students can combine English courses with courses in biology, political science, art, communication, information technology, business, and other disciplines to create individualized Programs of Emphasis (POEs), specifically tailored to their own interests and aspirations. Virtually every career requires the abilities to think analytically and to write clearly, skills honed in literature and writing courses offered at Juniata.

Our graduates pursue careers in secondary teaching, media writing, publishing and editing, law, public relations and dozens of other occupations by combining their English training with other disciplines.

Students have opportunities to write creative nonfiction essays, poetry, fiction, news stories, editorials, blogs, literary criticisms and research papers, as well as develop an extensive portfolio during their time at Juniata. Students choose from an extensive course selection to meet their own interests and needs. These courses explore material from canonical American and British authors to underrepresented writers from numerous nations and minority groups.

Juniata is also home to a diverse English faculty, each member drawing on their areas of expertise to provide students with both breadth and depth of knowledge. Our professors use large and small group discussion, debate, in-class writing, performance, lecture and iPads to challenge students to analyze, argue, create and communicate.