Designated POEs

The Communication Department offers five designated POEs:

  • Communication combines the studies of interpersonal, intercultural, group, and mass communication. The majority of students who choose this POE pursue professional careers and 40% continue their education in graduate school.
  • Health Communication is the study of communication as it relates to health professions and health education.
  • Integrated Media Arts is an interdisciplinary POE that combines the studies of communication, IT, and art to design and create digital video productions for the Web and other media.
  • Information Technology is an interdisciplinary POE that focuses on communication, computer science, and business. This program creates IT leaders who are prepared to act and adapt in a rapidly changing digital world.
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution combines the studies of communication, rhetoric, and peace and conflict studies to prepare students to effectively resolve conflicts in society on many levels.

Individualized POEs

Students also have the opportunity to Individualized their POE. The options are as limitless as the student is creative. Some common individualized POEs include (but are not limited to):

  • Business Communication
  • Biocommunication
  • Communication and Education Studies
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Communication and Politics/International Studies
  • Communication in Public Relations
  • Communication Sports Administration
  • Environmental Communication
  • Multimedia Communication