Assisting Students in applying for Study Abroad

The deadline for applying for study abroad in 2017-18 is Monday, December 5, 2016.  We are asking students to have their applications completed by this date including the submission of all on-line recommendations. 

The application for study abroad is being administered through a software called Terra Dotta.  Advisors will receive an individual email generated by each application request a student may make to complete the recommendation on-line.  Please find at the link here:  further instructions on how to complete the on-line recommendation format.

Please note that the most competitive programs – i.e. limited enrollment sites - do require a review of the International Education Committee (IEC) for placement. Some students will not be placed at their program of first choice if they are applying for these sites.  The IEC does take into consideration the recommendation letters that support students for placement at a limited enrollment site. You may want to consider offering more information in support of these applications in your recommendation. It is unlikely that a student will be approved for placement at two limited enrollment sites. The limited enrollment sites are anticipated to be: 
New Zealand: BCA Dunedin
Australia: Newcastle
U.K.: Leeds; BCA Cheltenham
Ecuador: BCA Quito
EPA Internships in U.K. and Europe – London and Scotland; Madrid, Spain; and Brussels, Belgium, Bonn & Berlin, Germany
IFE Internships in France – Paris and Strasbourg
IAU in France – Aix-en-Provence

Thank you for your support of students who are applying for study abroad.  If you have any questions, please send an email message to    

International Initiatives

Juniata’s faculty and staff hold a wealth of international experience.  Before you visit a partner institution or other international site, be sure to look over the International Travel Checklist, and speak with colleagues who have been to your destination.  You can view the Faculty/ Staff International Experiences page, which includes an International Experiences Database, as well as lists of those who have benefited from CIE Partner Site Visits and the IEC Initiatives Fund.

Study Abroad Program Development

Whether you are interested in beginning a short-term or a semester/ year-long program, make sure you submit the New Program Request to the Registrar's office. Be sure also to consult College Travel Policies for bringing students off campus.

A good first step to explore study abroad program development is to begin a SHORT TERM program.



Faculty/staff who have led, lead, or are planning to lead Juniata-developed programs or go abroad with students are required to attend two workshops:

  • Program Development: Learning outcomes, academic structure, assessment
  • Safety & Liability: Organizational and program resources and health, safety and security

Please contact the CIE staff at to attend the workshop.



If you are interested in adding a new semester or year-long program to Juniata's offerings, the procedure established by the International Education Committee to add new programs is:

  1. An academic department chair submits an official, written request (e-mail to the Dean of the CIE) to consider a program as Juniata-approved on a one-time basis. 
  2. The department should identify one or two students who would participate in the pilot year.  The students should be made aware that it is a pilot, and they might not receive the support to which Juniata students are normally accustomed. 
  3. It is helpful if a faculty member and/ or a CIE staff member can visit the program while the students are participating. 
  4. Once the students return from their experience, the CIE and the academic department in question evaluate the program based on factors such as student support, academic rigor, financial and enrollment sustainability, and potential for an exchange.

Please consult with the Dean of International Programs to discuss the process.


CIE Partner Site Visits

Juniata’s ability to provide study abroad opportunities to our students even in difficult economic times depends on sustaining the strong bonds we have forged with our international partners.  These ties are best supported through partner site visits by staff and especially faculty members, whose professional relationships with colleagues abroad are the lifeblood of our exchange programs. 

In an ongoing effort to nurture the valuable relationships with Juniata's international exchange partners, and to assist faculty and staff in internationalizing the campus, the Center for International Education (CIE) is pleased to provide logistical and financial support for faculty and staff partner site visits. Early each spring semester, the CIE will plan its staff visits to our exchange partners for the following academic year, and then place a call for proposals in the daily announcements to faculty and staff who might wish to accompany CIE staff.  Please look for these annual announcements from the CIE. As you write your proposal, you might want to consult with those who have taken advantage of the CIE Partner Site Visits in the past.

If you would like support to visit a Juniata exchange site on your own during other travels, please contact the CIE.

For all site visits supported by the CIE, faculty and staff are asked to complete and submit the Program Visit Report and the Program Evaluation Rubric.


IEC International Initiatives Fund

If you require support for other international initiatives, you may wish to submit a proposal to the International Education Committee.  Each fall, the IEC will place a call for proposals in the daily announcements to support departmental initiatives towards internationalizing the campus. Feel free to consult with those who have taken advantage of the IEC International Initiatives Fund in the past

Other Initiatives


The CIE is happy to support international events and visits on campus when the budget permits. If you would like to request CIE support for an on-campus event, please e-mail Kati Csoman, if you are requesting less than $200. For larger support, please have the chair of the department in question send a formal written (e-mail) request to Kati Csoman indicating the total cost of the event and the contribution you are requesting from the CIE.

Many other opportunities exist for faculty and staff international initiatives.  If you are interested in a faculty exchange, for example, begin talking with your department head, and take a look at our Juniata exchange programs. Feel free to contact Kati Csoman (x3184), the Dean of the CIE, for questions about these and other initiatives .