Jaewoo Kim


Assistant Admission Counselor


Jaewoo's Bio

Jaewoo Kim

  • Class of 2020
  • Biology, Pre-Dentistry
  • Activities: Residential Assistant, Habitat for Humanity Club, Korean Club, Tour Guide, Eagle Ambassadors, Biomedical Research Seminar Series Committee, Soccer Club, Intramural sports.

 Jaewoo is a third-year biology student on the Pre-Dental track at Juniata College. He chose Juniata because he felt it was the only place where he genuinely connected with the students. During his first visit to Juniata, he realized that this school’s community had something that sets it apart from other institutions. Jaewoo said that the students he met took a lot of pride in their tight-knit community, and that although their stories that landed them here were all different, they all had unifying themes: intellectual curiosity, friendship, and creativity.  He chose Juniata because its core values matched up with the values he desires to develop.

During his time here at Juniata, he has been a resident assistant (RA), and officer for Habitat for Humanity, and a committee member of the Biomedical Research Seminar Series. After getting to know students on a deeper level through his RA position, Jaewoo realized that many of them are interesting, thoughtful, and dynamic students. He said that being an RA taught him how to find common ground between people with different backgrounds and personalities. As an officer of the Habitat for Humanity Club, Jaewoo had an opportunity to go on a service trip to Clemson, South Carolina, where he helped remodel and build houses for people who struggle to afford their mortgages. He has also participated in local projects in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. where he had the chance to connect with the Huntingdon community. Through his passion for biomedical sciences, he also became a member of the Biomedical Research Seminar Series (BRSS) committee which allowed him to organize events which events in which they invited physician scientists (MD/PhD) to speak at Juniata College. There, they were able to initiate important conversations about medical research for students who are interested in MD/PhD.

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