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A POE in Mathematics opens the door to a wide variety of career possibilities. Students with an undergraduate degree in Mathematics can pursue careers in pure or applied research, in education, or in any of a wide range of areas requiring rigorous analytical thinking (e.g. law, systems analysis). Mathematics graduates are especially well-suited to careers in actuarial science or in statistics. According to the 2015 Jobs Related Almanac and careercast.com, four of the top six rated jobs overall are math-related: Actuary (#1), Mathematician (#3), Statistician (#4), and Data Scientist (#6). Recent Juniata graduates in Mathematics include graduate students, high school teachers, actuaries, statisticians, data scientists, a bioinformatics researcher, an assortment of systems and planning analysts, financial analysts, a statistical modeler for the NSA, a medical school student, and even a Harvard divinity student. 

Designated POEs