Below, you'll find our 2015-2016 listing for many of the multicultural and social justice clubs on our campus. We've listed each club's student president and faculty advisor, so you can contact them to learn more about Juniata College's rich traditions. Of course, feel free to contact us with any questions, too!

Plexus (Multicultural and Social Activism)

President: Mason Sherry (

Advisor: Skukura Woods (

Umoja (African American Culture + Advocacy)

President: Dana Spann (

Advisor:  Cy Merriwether-deVries (

PRISM (LGBTQ + Advocacy)

President: Collin Kessler (

Advisor: Grace Fala (

Burmese Club

Vice President:

Advisor: Henry Escuadro (

Catholic Council

Advisor: Lisa Baer (

Chinese Club


Advisor: Wei-chung Wang (

Juniata Christian Fellowship

President: Ankara Shepard (

Co-Advisor: Dave Witkovsky (

First Peoples Club


Advisor: Neil Pelkey (

French Club

Advisor: Michael Henderson (

German Club

Advisor: Judith Benz (

Global Village Residence Community


Hillel (Jewish Student Group)

President: Hannah Miller (

Co-Advisor: Dave Witkovsky (

Co-Advisor: Anne Gilman (

Japanese Club


Advisor: Michael Beamer (

Muslim Student Association


Advisor: Belle Tuten (

Otaku Culture Club

Advisor: Jay Hosler (


Russian Club

President: Alexandra Bernosky (

Advisor: James Roney (

Spanish Club



Advisor: Henry Thurston-Griswold (

Strong Voices (sexual assault awareness)

Advisor: Pat Hunter (

Trans* Parachute United

Advisor: Alison Fletcher (