Below, you'll find our 2012-2013 listing for many of the multicultural and diversity clubs affiliated with our office. We've listed each club's student president and faculty advisor, so you can contact them to learn more about Juniata College's rich traditions. Of course, feel free to contact us with any questions, too!

Here you will find an alphabetically-arranged list of diversity-related organizations and associations on Juniata Campus with links to respective organization websites.

African American Student Alliance- African-American Student Alliance (AASA) is an organization whose primary objective is to provide a supportive and enriching environment for minority students on campus. While primarily a social organization, AASA is inclusive to all and aims to be more of a dynamic presence within the campus by enhancing cultural consciousness and communication through hosting an array of activities and events.

All Ways of Loving (AWOL) - The purpose of AWOL is to serve as a social and activist student club for bisexuals, lesbians, gay people, queer people, transgender people, heterosexual allies, and anyone questioning their sexuality. The organization works to make Juniata a more open and safe community by increasing awareness and acceptance of LGBTA people and educating the campus community homophobia and biphobia.

Chinese Club - The Chinese Club welcomes everyone who is interested in celebrating and learning about Chinese culture. Activities include bi-weekly meetings, workshops, guest speakers, dances, movies, field trips and the ever-popular food events. The major events are the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and the Chinese New Year's Dinner.

Club International - The Club International is open to all members of Juniata community who are interested in promoting intercultural awareness and diversity on campus. The Club promotes the college's mission of internationalization.

Dean of Students - Specifically, Students Services Staff work to create a safe learning environment which offers opportunities for students to be involved in activities and programs; an environment free from harassment; an environment that values and supports diversity; and a community in which individuals treat one another with civility, respect and compassion.

Japanese Club

Hillel: Hillel actively seeks to engage uninvolved Jewish students on their own terms: to provide them with opportunities to do Jewish events that are meaningful and appealing to them. Students are empowered to take responsibility for their Jewish identity. Hillel is committed to a pluralistic vision of Judaism that embraces all movements.

The Health and Wellness Center - The Center provides quality, short-term mental health and drug and alcohol counseling to all Juniata College students. Students receive 10 free sessions per student year. Evening appointments available if needed. All services are confidential and are not included on student record.

Muslim Students Association (MSA) - The mission of the Muslim Students Association is to increase awareness about Islam, promote its true image, and dispel commonly held misconceptions about this religion. The association will also work towards increasing mutual understanding and interaction between Muslim and non-Muslim students on campus by participating in interfaith events and by organizing lectures and talks, movies and presentations, and celebrations of Islamic religious and cultural events.

United Culture of Juniata College (UCJC) - UCJC strives to promote ethnic and religious diversity at Juniata College through programs that will enliven the campus and in turn educate about multi-ethnic and multi-religious issues.

United Spiritual Council - The United Spiritual Council provides a forum for students of all spiritual backgrounds, faiths, and independent perspectives to explore their spirituality and work together to promote understanding and appreciation of the uniqueness of diverse traditions and perspectives, to deepen their spirituality, and to promote activities on campus and in the community that foster a commitment to the oneness of humanity, the elimination of prejudice, and the establishment of peace and justice.

Women's Group - Our mission is to inform and inspire Juniata College and the Huntingdon community about issues affecting women of our world in a supportive and safe climate. Since its inception in January of 2002, the Juniata College Women's Group has made it their goal to create a caring and empowering environment for all women on the Juniata College campus and in the Huntingdon community, regardless of age, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

African American Student Alliance

President: Mori Hitchcock '16 (

Advisor: Rosalie Rodriguez (

All Ways of Loving (LGBTQ + Advocacy)

Co-President: Quinn Westlake '17 (

Co-President: Adam Caraballo '15 (

Advisor: Grace Fala (

Burmese Club

Vice President: Thu Zar Myint '15 (

Advisor: Henry Escuadro (

Catholic Council

President: Michelle Merola '14 (

Advisor: Lisa Baer (

Chinese Club

President: Mingwei Song '15 (

Advisor: Wei-Chung Wang (

Christain Ministry Board

President: Hannah Shultz '14 (

Co-Advisor: Dave Witkovsky (

First Peoples Club

President: Alexandra Witter '14 (

Advisor: Neil Pelkey (

French Club

President: Amanda Waller '14 (

Advisor: Michael Henderson (

German Club

President: Sarah Lipiecki '14 (

Advisor: Judith Benz (

Global Village residence community

Coordinator: Clarissa Diniz '14 (

Advisor: Alcioné Frederick (

Hillel (Jewish student group)

President: Brittany Friedman '15 (

Co-Advisor: Dave Witkovsky (

Co-Advisor: Anne Gilman (

Japanese Club

President: Yoriko Tanaka (

Advisor: Michael Beamer (

Muslim Student Association

President: Zeljana Varga (

Advisor: Belle Tuten (

Otaku Culture Club

President: Laura Bitely '14 (

Advisor: Jay Hosler (


President: Olivia Hockenbroch '15 (

Advisor: Rosalie Rodriguez (

Russian Club

President: Alexandra Bernosky '16 (

Advisor: James Roney (

Spanish Club

Co-President: Miranda Martz '13 (

Co-President: Becca Swaintek '13 (

Advisor: Henry Thurston-Griswold (

Strong Voices (sexual assault awareness)

President: Rachel Krantz '14 (

Advisor: Pat Hunter (

Trans* Parachute United

President: CJ Briggs '15 (

Advisor: Alison Fletcher (