Research Links

Here are some web resources to help you plan, execute or improve your poster or oral presentation.

Edward Tufte: Beautiful Evidence - a talk from a master of visual design. Several of his books are in the Juniata library. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information is the best. His website has informative discussion boards. Tufte is a valuable source of information, if you are serious about presenting.

Poster Creation and Advice

A workshop on "Creating an Impactful LAS Poster" will be held on Monday,     April 2 at from 7:30 to 8:30 pm in BAC C225.
  • If you submit your poster to the Print Shop by April 10, printing costs will be covered for you. We will not cover the costs for laminated posters, or for posters submitted after April 10.
  • Posters should be no larger than 40 inches by 30 inches; otherwise they will extend beyond the edges of the mounting board and curl up.
  • Enter the size of you poster in your software program using "Page setup..." before starting to work on the content.
  • Posters can be prepared using your choice of layout program (PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Adobe Illustrator, etc.) but must be converted to PDF before submitting to the Print Shop.
  • If you plan to use the Juniata College logo on your poster do not use a copy from the web. It is low quality and will print pixelated. Click here to retrieve an appropriate printable logo (use the color PNG version).
  • To submit your file to the Print Shop, place your file on the P: drive->Administration->Print Shop   ->Drop Box->LAS Posters. Use the DRAG and DROP method (not Save As...) to place your poster file. Name your file "LASTNAME FIRSTNAME LAS poster" (i.e. SMITH JOHN LAS poster). 

Scientific Posters - a 67-slide overview of the purpose of a poster, tips on how to design your poster, and examples of good and bad posters. 

Design of Scientific Posters - another nice overview site.  This one includes a link to The Craft of Scientific Presentations by Michael Alley and a few PowerPoint poster templates.  

Poster Tutorial - poster tutorial from a commercial web site.  It’s full of wonky but useful details, like which size font to use at a particular viewing distance.

Pimp My Poster - Pimp My Poster Flickr group.  You can upload your poster for other people to critique or simply skim through the examples and comments for ideas.

Designing Conference Posters - Great and detailed advice.  A poster template in PowerPoint, and Keynote versions are available.

Oral Presentations

Ten Secrets to Giving a Good Scientific Talk – classic advice on giving talks.  

Guides to Giving Good Scientific Talks – a list of links.

Best Scientific Talk Ever – a parody of academic talks.