Research Links

Here are some web resources to help you plan, execute or improve your poster or oral presentation.

Edward Tufte: Beautiful Evidence - a talk from a master of visual design. Several of his books are in the Juniata library. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information is the best. His website has informative discussion boards. Tufte is a valuable source of information, if you are serious about presenting.

Poster Creation and Advice

Scientific Posters - a 67-slide overview of the purpose of a poster, tips on how to design your poster, and examples of good and bad posters. 

Design of Scientific Posters - another nice overview site.  This one includes a link to The Craft of Scientific Presentations by Michael Alley and a few PowerPoint poster templates.  

Poster Tutorial - poster tutorial from a commercial web site.  It’s full of wonky but useful details, like which size font to use at a particular viewing distance.

Pimp My Poster - Pimp My Poster Flickr group.  You can upload your poster for other people to critique or simply skim through the examples and comments for ideas.

Designing Conference Posters - Great and detailed advice.  A poster template in PowerPoint, and Keynote versions are available.

Oral Presentations

Ten Secrets to Giving a Good Scientific Talk – classic advice on giving talks.  

Guides to Giving Good Scientific Talks – a list of links.

Best Scientific Talk Ever – a parody of academic talks.