What is the Program About?

Far from home in a strange and different country, the students studying abroad often need the kind of friendly and supportive anchor that a family can provide. The Friendship Family Program is a good chance for both students and families to get to know cultures different from their own by interacting with one another while the student is at College. Students do not live with the families, but instead visit for dinner, special events, or just an evening watching TV.

Annual Program Events

Potluck Dinners

An American cultural tradition when families bring food and enjoy dinner together with students.

Other Activities

  • Celebrate traditional American holidays such as Thanksgiving and Halloween
  • Go shopping together
  • Attend local events like baseball games
  • Watch television at home and have a relaxing time

Family Participation

  • To invite the student to dinner or other outings such as shopping, sports, family activities, or seasonal activities
  • To provide a familial atmosphere that is friendly and supportive to the student
  • To become aware of the student's plan for holidays and breaks

Student Participation

  • To become a member of the family, not a guest
  • To honor commitments made to the family and be willing to share your time with them
  • To share your own culture

Sponsored by

The Center for International Education, Juniata College


Guy Croyle
Coordinator, Friendship Family Program
Work: (814) 641-3180
e-mail: croyleg@juniata.edu