More than 85% of graduates who have applied to graduate schools in the past five years have been accepted with full funding. All graduates in the past five years who sought professional positions related to their degrees were hired within weeks of graduation.


Lizzie Bartosik '05 is pursuing a master's degree at Clemsen.

Craig Blattenberger '07 is an environmental field technician for Tyco.

Theresa Detrie '05 is enrolled in a PhD program at Virginia Tech.

Beth Diesel '05 is enrolled in a PhD program at Virginia Tech.

Samantha DiLorenzo '14 is employed as a technician for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Elly Engle '12 is attending graduate school at Penn State in the rural sociology department. According to Elly, "I'm studying local food systems and the impact of natural gas drilling on rural communities."

Thomas Evans '08 is currently pursuing his master's degree at the Ohio State University following work as a Fisheries Observer in Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

Jason Fischel '10, who is currently pursuing his doctorate at the University of Delaware, was awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship in April 2012.

Dane Fisher '07 is pursuing a master's degree at Univ. of New Orleans.

Hannah Frank '11 is attending the University of Pennsylvania's College of Veterinary Medicine. Hannah says, "Juniata has allowed me to reach this goal by preparing me to succeed both academically and in other areas. I feel that I am equipped with the correct study habits and attitude toward learning."

Kyle Fyock '06 is working for an alum at a geophysical service company in the mid-Atlantic region.

Laurel Gutenberg '07 is a research assistant in the soils lab at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Carlee Hashagen '08 is employed as a Project Manager for The Stone House Group, a consulting firm in Bethlehem, Pa. She credits her internship with RayCEP, arranged by Juniata Vice President Rob Yelnosky, as the springboard to her post-graduate success. She also cites the course Introduction to Earth and Environmental Science as having helped her truly understand greenhouse gases, an integral piece of her current job duties.

Devina Horvath '07 is working in groundwater services with an alum in the D.C. area.

Marcin Jaroszewicz '12 is employed as an organizer at the U.S. Federation of Public Interest Research Groups, which works to stand up to powerful special interests on behalf of the American public on issues such as product safety, public health, political corruption, tax and budget reform, and consumer protection.

Heather Kelley '07 is involved in environmental consulting.

Ellie King '12 is currently attending graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh. Her main research focus is international development.

Kelsey Kohrs '14 is recently completed a marine mammal internship with Disney.

Benjamin Krouse '14 works as an environmental specialist for Schlumberger Petrochemical.

Zachary Laubach '07 is earning his Ph.D. in conservation biology at the University of Michigan.

Luke Maddux '07 is working at a National Park in Oregon.

Mariel Marlow '07 is enrolled in the Public Health and Health Services graduate program at George Washington University.

Adam Messner '07 is working with a groundwater company based in Chester, PA.

Colleen Metzger '09 is pursuing her master's degree in biology at the University of Cincinnati. Her research focus is cross-temporal genetic change in Darwin's Tree Finches. She cites study abroad experiences in Ecuador and India and independent research with Juniata professor Doug Glazier as the keys to her success in graduate school thus far.

Joel N. Meyer '92 is an assistant professor of environmental toxicology at Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment. He has received the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences' Outstanding New Environmental Scientist Award. Joel earned a doctorate in environmental toxicology from Duke in 2003. While at Juniata, he designed a POE in both environmental studies and peace and conflict studies.

Eric Miller '07 works at Petroleum Geological Services Corp (geophysical data collection) in Texas.

Masahiro Miura '07 is an environmental health and safety consultant with Turning Bird Consulting.

Elizabeth "Libby" Morrison '12 is currently attending Oregon State University, where her graduate studies focus on water resources.

Patrick Oelschlager '14 is currently employed as a residence director at Juniata College Raystown Field Station.

Allie Phillips '07 is pursuing a master's degree at Washington State University.

Greg Pierotti '06 works in environmental consulting in the Doylestown area.

Lisa Prince '10 is currently serving the Leading Creek Watershed in Meigs County, Ohio, as an Americorps worker. While at Juniata, Lisa was a Science Olympiad Leader for Pennsylvania's state competition.

Kari Smith '16 will be working as a field technician studying small animals with the National Ecological Observatory Network in Wisconsin.

Mike Stefanic '07 is working for an environmental consulting firm in the Harrisburg area.

Becca Strohm '13 is employed through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. Through her year-long commitment, Becca will work with Green Team, in Portland, Ore., where she instructs k-12 students in restoring Portland’s watersheds.

Adam Truax '07 is working in CA as a mudlogger for a petroleum services company.

John Vargo '07 is working in CA as a mudlogger for a petroleum services company.

Matthew Wagner '10 is currently enrolled in a master's program at Austin Peay State University in the Center for Excellence in Field Biology. Matthew explains, "I am working on fish speciation in a group of very colorful freshwater fish called darters. Juniata's level of education and class intensity prepared me for graduate school almost too well. I now have only two classes and it seems easy because I was so challenged at Juniata with four classes per semester and cross country."

Arielle Webster '12 is currently employed as an educator at the Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pa.

Alex Zirakparvar '05 completed an master's program at Washington State University and is heading to complete a PhD program at Syracuse.

Caitlan Zlatos '06 is pursuing a master's degree at University of Arizona.